I Change Business by Applying Technology

I tell all of my teams that they need to be able to say what they are working on in 10 words or less.  After 10 words, you have lost your listener.   Six words is all I need.

I have been able to accomplish some very exciting, business-changing initiatives in very efficient time frames by being creative and passionate and by leading. 

  • Energized Brand Value and changed customer perceptions with award-winning industry products such as SCORE, Advanced Analytics (AUM) and multiple navigation products (Rand McNally)
  • Generated over $100 million in savings through innovative TCO & back office initiatives such as implementation of LEAN distribution, Sales Force technologies and ERP updates
  • Entrepreneurial spirit –  Large (Fortune 50) and SME company experience.  I help SMEs look big and large companies operate with the entrepreneurial spirit of SMEs
  • Diverse background in public, private, equity owned and private companies
  • International experience – China, India, Ukraine, Manila, Australia, Vietnam
  • Large Scale Operations – managed distribution to over 50,000 retail locations, built technologies capable of managing 1/2 million sales visits per year and hundreds of millions of website pages
  • MBA Global Business – June 2013 – Hotchkiss Scholar / Co-Valedictorian
  • Proven ability to think creatively, build and motivate dedicated teams that deliver results

Experience – It’s what you get just after you need it

Strategic ConsultingcreativeStrategiesIT, LLCLevins EnterprisesWernerCo, Emerson Electric

CIO/CTO/Operations: American Utility Management, Rand McNally, Arby’s, Taco Bell Corp.

Education: MBA – Global Business / Co-Valedictorian – Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

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Creativity and passion are my trademark.  I love working with people – developing and executing strategy,  building and mentoring great teams that develop award-winning products, run world-class systems and provide the best customer service. Period.  I am hands-on and believe there is art in execution.

Industry Experience

  • Multifamily Residential Billing | Energy Consulting | Energy Benchmarking
  • Retail – Traditional Brick | B2B | B2C | Online | Point of Sale
  • Consumer Electronics – Multiple products for many different platforms
  • Quick Service Restaurant – POS | Labor Scheduling | Restaurant systems
  • Trucking – GPS | Routing | Mileage
  • Print – dare I say!

Platform Experience

  • Analytics – Developing Customer Facing and Business Analytics
  • Mobile App Development – Apple, Android
  • Website Development – High volume responsive websites
  • Back Office Systems – Productivity suites – Microsoft, Google, etc.
  • ERP Systems – JD Edwards, Oracle, Microsoft
  • Operations – LEAN management processes, Demand Planning and Forecasting, S&OP, distribution,  Direct Store Delivery (DSD)


Years of experience have proved that it is important to:

  • Be transparent.  Make sure the team knows the whole picture
  • Know the Priorities.  Make sure the organization understands and agrees on the priorities.  Having the entire organization know the “top 3” priorities allows for partnership and more importantly…
  • Focus.  If the team is informed, knows the priorities, they can focus on the win
  • Enjoy your work and have fun!  Teams that trust their leadership, know the priorities and have the ability to focus are more productive and deliver measurable results.  Having fun is a product of ownership and productivity
  • Be open-minded.  Every opportunity is an occasion to gain experience and learn

Selected Accomplishments

OK, nothing here is akin to space travel, but with 20+ years of experience, there are many successes that I can share.  Overall, I am proudest of the fact that I have built and mentored great teams who have continued to keep in touch with me.  Through these teams, we have generated millions in new product revenue, delivered world-class, award-winning consumer and commercial products, saved 100’s of millions in cost with back-office initiatives and had fun in the process! A sample of some of these accomplishments appears below:


  • Helped WernerCo develop a global website and SEO strategy
  • Helped change the company image of AUM from a commodity bill processor to strategic adviser to their customers resulting in a 95% win ratio for all new customer initiatives


  • Created MyRideTrac – Mileage Log for Ride Share drivers.  The app was designed and developed in 120 days.  Results:  It has been downloaded in over 60 countries and is available on iTunes and Google Play
  • Introduced and implemented multiple industry-first Business Intelligence – customer facing analytics websites.  (AUM Advanced Analytics and SCORE).  Results: 2012 and 2014 MHN Technology winner, significant improvement in company’s image and ability to win new customer contracts, and increase customer retention.
  • Led company’s re-entry into the GPS navigation market.  Managed team through 45 day cycle and introduced the first working prototype displayed at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  Results:  Strong positive press coverage of the new Truckers GPS, the IntellRoute TND GPS was released in Fall 2009 and won the CES Best of Innovation award at the 2010 CES show.  Case Study: Rand McNally Intelliroute TND GPS
  • Partnered with international and domestic partners to develop software for Chinese and U.S. Markets mobile device markets.


  • Strategic Consulting for billion dollar companies – strategy and execution
  • Introduced Agile development methods.  Results: From chaos comes organization!
  • Multiple back-office, sales force and operations initiativesResults: Over $100 million in cost reduction.  100% increase in sales force productivity, reduction of inventory levels by over 70%.  Technologies supported over 50,000 retail locations and a DSD sales force making 500,000 merchandising stops / year.  Case Study: MapTrac sales force automation
  • Multiple company acquisitions and integrations.  Results:  60 day integration cycles.
  • Defined new business process.  Co-directed $17 million project involving roll-out and integration of new Point of Sale, ERP and analytics platforms.  Results: Roll-out set new industry records for speed and quality and beat first year return estimates by over 25%.


Please don’t hesitate to send me a message or give me a ring at 847-602-4709.  I will try to pick up no matter where I am.